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Autumn's Not That Cold

Title Autumn's Not That Cold
Artist Skip Ewing
Writer(s (Skip Ewing/Max D. Barnes)
Lyrics  Back here the leaves are turning
 On me just like you
 Change is full of color
 And it's anything but blue

 I thought that I'd stop living
 Without you here to hold
 But I'm just not that lonesome
 And autumn's not that cold

 That summer sun was setting
 When you set your sights to leave
 And I braced myself believing
 It would bring me to my knees

 Oh, but here it is October
 All the leaves are turning gold
 Each night's a little bluer
 But autumn's not that cold

 I know before too long
 I'll feel the chill that winter brings
 But by then I'll just be looking
 Forward to another spring

 I'm almost feelin' guilty
 That the hurts not taking hold
 Guess I'm just not that lonesome
 And autumn's not that cold.
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