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Welcome to the Help section of our site.  We've tried to address any general questions or issues you may encounter here at ]Chip & Tracy's Place in this document.  However, we understand there may be questions not addressed here.  For those we've created a FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions catalogue that will be created from those question you, our visitor, email us.  

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You need to log in to Chip & Tracy's Place in order to get full access to our features, to interact with other members, to manage your profile, and to be able to manage the content you submit.

Other things to do

Other features we have include:
  • a calendar
  • chat rooms
  • downloads
  • forums
  • private topics (for private messaging)
  • quizzes

You may see submission links on the menus, and in other places. Submitting any kind of entry will be a similar process to submitting news: your entry will likely be put in a validation queue.


Wiki+ is a system that allows users to post content into a database of posts. This system is similar to that of a forum, however rather than having a structure of forums and user created topics, it has a staff-managed hierarchical structure of pages.

The system can be used for all kinds of things, such as posting reference material indexed hierarchically by category, organizing ideas indexed by topic, or discussing TV programs indexed by episode name.

The staff will make clear how the Wiki+ system is employed on this website.


You can use Comcode to spice up your posts.